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Conway Police investigating after several neighborhood signs were vandalized overnight



Conway, Arkansas – Conway Police are investigating after several neighborhood signs were spray-painted overnight. They were tagged with BLM and explicit language.

“It’s unfortunate that people go around vandalizing other people’s property,” Conway Police Public Information Officer LaTresha Woodruff said.

Three neighborhood signs, just miles apart from each other are now marked with black spray paint.

“Someone who passed through there they know at 9 o’clock last night and there wasn’t any vandalism on the signs and then this morning people start calling,” Woodruff said.

She said graffiti is not uncommon in the city but where and what was painted on the signs is out of the ordinary.

“I haven’t seen the phrases that were on that sign displayed anywhere else in town,” Woodruff said.

Anthony Sons were called out to scrub the words from the signs and can’t believe it happened in this area.

“This is the first graffiti that we’ve seen so far around here,” Sons said.

He said getting all the paint off of the rock is no easy task.

“I have a chemical that actually dissolves the graffiti, the paint and I just have to spray it on, treat it, pressure wash it off, treat it again just to get it out of the porous surface,” Sons said.

While it’s his job to remove the paint, he said it’s disheartening to see.

“Just kind of aggravating. It costs people money,” Sons said.

He believes when the words damage people’s property, the message gets lost.

“There’s just no need in it. I mean you can protest all you want to but you don’t have to deface anything to do it, to get your point across,” Sons said.

Several neighbors did get the crime on video and have sent it to the police. Conway police say they are reviewing that to try and figure out who did it.

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