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Coronavirus continues to affect college football



The Arkansas Razorbacks football team will play Saturday without head coach Sam Pittman, who was diagnosed with COVID-19.  

Pittman has had two positive tests this week meaning he won’t coach at Florida this weekend.

“Well, I’m feeling fine,” Pittman said. “I was sore in the back starting a little bit Saturday night after the game but I just felt like that was from standing up. I’m not the picture of health, you know.  So I thought my back was just hurting from the game and then [Sunday] it was a little worse and then I was told Monday I had tested positive.  

“The great thing is nobody else in our building has (tested positive) over the last two tests.” 

Arkansas is not the only college football team dealing with the virus. In the Southeastern Conference only three of a scheduled seven games this weekend are being played. The other four are currently postponed.

The Big Ten Conference has canceled one game this weekend.  Ohio State vs. Maryland will not be played this year.  

The ACC is postponing Pittsburgh vs. Georgia Tech. The Ivy League announced Thursday that all winter sports will be canceled because of coronavirus.

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