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Farmer discusses the increasing cost of eggs



Pine Bluff, Arkansas – Customers are still irritated by the grocery store’s expensive egg selection due to its high pricing.

Avian There are a number of factors contributing to this, including influenza and inflation; nevertheless, is there a method that is less expensive to carry eggs home?

A few individuals are coming up with ingenious ways to replenish the supplies.

“Chickens are slowly becoming the need,” said Bernard Iwegbu, a first-generation farmer.

According to Iwegbu, there are other options available besides waiting in line at the supermarket, such as keeping hens in your backyard and rearing them yourself.

“Chickens are not hard to raise at all,” Iwegbu said.

To what extent, however, does the alternative route save money? According to Iwegbu, the most expensive component is the feed, and he spends approximately $150 every two weeks on it.

“Typically when feed [is] $12 to $14, It’s going up to about $22 to $24,” Iwegbu said.

Iwegbu also mentioned that knowing how to rear hens is not something that can be accomplished overnight.

“The only thing is you have to put in a lot of time before you’re even able to see your first egg,” Iwegbu said.

It might take a chicken anywhere from six months to a full year to reach its full adult size. On one of his farms, Iwegbu keeps approximately 30 hens, and he mentioned that each cage produces approximately a dozen eggs per day.

“I had eggs that I just really didn’t know what to do with,” Iwegbu said.

He made the decision to start a business after Pine Bluff neighbors learned about his abundance of eggs. He costs $5 for a dozen because he wants to be reasonable.

“Some of them were bakers, some of them own dogs,” Iwegbu said.
Although breeding hens for egg production is worthwhile for seasoned farmers like Iwegbu, he claimed that the grocery store is the greatest choice for people who are impatient.

Iwegbu estimated that he spends $300 a month on feeding and caring for the chickens, therefore it is best to look elsewhere if you’re looking for a quick fix to avoid paying higher prices.

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