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First tiny house in creative permanent housing concept unveiled in Providence Park



Little Rock, Arkansas – The construction of the Providence Park Project’s first house is now complete.

The project is a ground-breaking endeavor that aims to provide long-term housing options for people struggling with chronic homelessness.

After our conversation with Providence Park’s Visionary and Executive Officer, Errin Stanger, she graciously gave us access to see the debut of their first tiny home—a symbolic first step in giving those in need a secure and respectable place to live.

The majority of the units will be 280 square feet, which is the size of the residence.

Errin further informs me that these dwellings are designed to be permanent residences for the underprivileged.

“This project may be a little different than some of our current shelters and places that serve the homeless in our community. These homes will be the forever home for someone who lives here so it’s not transitional housing. Once someone moves in, they can stay here forever. Also, within Providence Park is a full neighborhood full of support and care to help these individuals become whole again,” says Stanger.

A variety of facilities, including a medical clinic that attends to residents’ physical and emotional well-being requirements, will be available to them at the residence.

Stanger says, “I feel like it’s very important to provide access to medical care mental care dental care, so we have a health clinic located right in on property. Inside the neighborhood. We also have access to dignified work opportunities within the property. We’ll have a community garden and a fabrication lab. That’ll be a place where our neighbors can make and create.”

The project works together with a number of community partners to realize its goal.

Seal Solar is one of these partners that makes a contribution by using solar energy to power houses and guarantee electricity.

This historic occasion, which represents the creation of a permanent housing community for those facing chronic homelessness, is a turning point for central Arkansas.

Providence Park plans to start relocating its neighbors by 2025’s second quarter.



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