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Gov. Hutchinson and health officials urge everyone to get vaccinated as the numbers are rising, again



Little Rock, Arkansas – As the Covid-19 cases continue to rise for the past few days, Gov. Asa Hutchinson once again urged everyone who still hasn’t been vaccinated to get the shot as soon as possible in an effort to prevent another wave of cases.

While the older population of the state has pretty decent vaccination rate, that can’t be said for the younger people. Governor was accompanied by other health officials including Dr. Cam Patterson, who is chancellor of the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences.

“Our younger folks may consider themselves bulletproof, but no one is bulletproof from COVID-19” Patterson explained.

In the last few days both the numbers of new and active cases are increasing, something that was not seen for months in Arkansas.

Gov. Hutchinson also used this occasion to remind Arkansas to be mindful during the holiday weekend and try to protect themselves as well as all the others. He once again noted that the Delta variant is by far more contagious compared to all known variants we have seen by now.

According to the Arkansas Department of Health, there are 479 new cases of COVID-19 reported Tuesday, for a total of 348,699. There are 3,365 active cases, which is up 196 from Monday. Eight new deaths were reported over the last 24 hours.

For more details about Covid-19 in Arkansas, please visit ADH website.

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