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Human remains found in car submerged in Clarksville river



CLARKSVILLE, Ark. — On April, 26, the Clarksville Police Department received a call from a local fisherman in reference to locating a vehicle near the west boat ramp inside of Spadra Park. Upon CPD’s arrival, they met with the fisherman and viewed an image captured from his side imaging equipment that clearly showed a vehicle sunk in the bottom of the river. After viewing the image CPD contacted the Johnson County Dive Team.

The Johnson County Dive Team responded to the scene, where Dive Team members were able to locate the vehicle approximately five-feet of water. After the Dive Team recovered the vehicle it was learned the vehicle appeared to be a late 90s model Cadillac Sedan (four-door), bearing a New Mexico License Plate.

CPD learned after contacting New Mexico Law Enforcement that the vehicle was not reported stolen, but the owner of the vehicle was reported missing in 2002. The vehicle was towed to a secure location for further investigation.

On April, 27, Members of CPD, CFD, and the Johnson County Coroner’s office began removing the contents of the vehicle that was buried in several feet of river sediment. During the removal and screening of the river sediment, Personnel located human skeletal remains. The remains have been sent to the Arkansas State Crime Lab for positive identification.

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