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In its 20-year master plan, Little Rock Tech Park enters phase 2



Little Rock, Arkansas – On June 18, the city directors approved $1.5 million for the Little Rock Technology Park’s expansion.

“It creates a lively environment for entrepreneurs,” Tech Park Board Member Buckley O’Mell said.

Main Street saw the opening of the Little Rock Technology Park in 2017. It has now developed into a hub for the brightest minds in the city to congregate and work.

“[It’s] basically a place where tech-based companies, particularly start-ups and younger companies, can collaborate and be in an environment with other tech-based companies,” O’Mell said.

There’s a place to work for one or two people working there or for a few employees.

But when businesses expand, more room is required.

For this reason, Tech Park is growing into the building next door as it moves into Phase Two of its 20-year master plan.

“Office sizes for a slightly larger company that is kind of in that next phase, but is not stable enough or not ready enough to be out in the world,” O’Mell said.

The master concept of Tech Park is to retain the most innovative and brilliant minds in Arkansas.

“If you are starting a new company and you have the chance to move to some other city that’s offering a great space like this, and we don’t have that here, you may move to go be in the type of environment,” O’Mell said.

In July, the Croissanterie in the Little Rock Technology Park will open. It will be a scaled-down version of its flagship location, serving pastries, coffee, and other snacks.



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