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Loony Bin finds a reason to laugh after March tornado



Little Rock, Arkansas – After the tornadoes of last month, we could all use a good chuckle, and Little Rock’s Loony Bin Comedy Club is here to oblige.

The comedy club is located in Breckenridge Village, where almost every business suffered losses.

General Manager of Loony Bin Wayne Iburg said he can’t believe they’re back in business so soon after being affected by a tornado.

“When I tell you this whole ceiling breathed at one time and came back together. It was almost like the matrix,” Iburg said as he described the shake of the building as the twister came through.

The ceiling of the Loony Bin was torn apart, and the front door was broken.

Iburg claimed he had comics scheduled for the day of the tornado’s impact but had to cancel, resulting in refunds totaling thousands of dollars. Between March 31 and April 26, there were no performances at the Loony Bin.

While the Loony Bin was being fixed, Iburg held performances at South on Main in Little Rock.

Iburg expressed his gratitude for being able to continue his company, but he added that nothing compares to being at home.

Iburg claimed that he and his team were making every effort to repair the harm so they could resume offering much-needed chuckles.

“Laughter is always a spot in ourselves where we can find real happiness just for a moment,” he said.

The best thing you can do, according to Iburg, is to find a way to laugh as they work to get back into the swing of things at the Loony Bin.

Every day of the week, save Monday and Tuesday, they have comics scheduled for their shows if you decide to laugh.

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