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Sam’s Club donates socks to Conway police to help the homeless



CONWAY, Ark. — Conway police officers are now armed with something extra in their patrol car to help people in need.

A pair of socks, dozens of pairs were donated to the department thanks to the local Sams Club.

Each officer wil now have a few pairs in their cars to handout when they see fit.

It’s something extra that officers say can make a huge difference.

“Routinely we run into people that are down on their luck and sometimes they only have one pair of socks and some of us understand when you get out their and your socks get wet that can lead to injury and disease on your feet and such, so sometimes just having an extra pair of socks on your feet so you are dry can help you go a long way,” said Officer Matthew Boyd.

The socks were donated in the memory of Officer Stephen Carr, the officer killed in the line of duty in Fayetteville last year.

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