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Six things you can do to improve your gut health



It is no secret that the gut is like the second brain. Whenever we are anxious, upset or sad, it affects the gut. This is because 70 per cent of our happiness hormone or serotonin is formed in our gut as against the brain. Thus, it is important we take care of it.

Dr Mark Hyman, an American physician, recently took to Instagram to explain how taking care of the gut can help one fight and treat complex chronic diseases such as those related to the heart or diabetes. ⁣

“Our gut microbiome is probably the most important regulator of our health. There are 100 trillion microbes sending messages throughout your body — interacting with hormones, the immune system, brain chemistry, and every other system in your body” he explained.

⁣The physician shared six tips for maintaining and healing your gut.

Eat whole unprocessed, unrefined foods

This is easier said than done given the lifestyle we all lead. But Dr Hayman said “one of the best ways to maintain gut health involves cutting out sugar, refined carbs and jacking-up gut supporting fibre”.

Have fibre-rich foods

The healthy bacteria in our gut feeds on fibre. Make sure you add a lot of fruits, leafy vegetables and nuts to your diet. Here are easy and smart ways to add fibre to your diet.

Fill 75 per cent of your plate with vegetables, plant-based food

It is evident how much our gut likes fibrous food. Eat feel-good foods such as berries, cranberries, pomegranates, blueberries and colourful food items to improve your gut health.

Eat good fats

“Fats like omega-3 and monosaturated fats — such as extra-virgin olive oil — will help decrease inflammation, providing healthy gut bugs a chance to flourish,” explained the physician.

Get more sleep

When you do not get enough sleep or are stressed out, it affects your gut. That is why it is suggested that you get an average of 7-8 hours of sleep, and also practise stressing-busting activities like yoga, meditation or therapy regularly. “Your gut flora listens to your thoughts and feelings,” said the doctor.


Dr Hayman explained when one exercises without much change in their diet, it leads to the production of good bacteria that helps produce a fatty acid known as the butyrate. Adding to it he wrote, “Butyrate is a fatty acid which can prevent cancer, speed up your metabolism and reduce inflammation”.


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