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The Fisher Street Community in Action looks to clean neighborhoods



Jonesboro, Arkansas – The Fisher Street Community in Action teamed up with the city of Jonesboro Saturday to clean up neighborhoods on the North side of the city.

The cleanup gave people a chance to allow sanitation workers to pick up items they wouldn’t pick up on a usual garbage day, like tires and branches.

According to Sharon Mcintosh with Jonesboro Code Enforcement, the clean-up also helps with the beautification of Jonesboro with each piece of trash picked up. “When people are looking to move to Jonesboro, they are driving around looking at neighborhoods finding a place to live,” said Mcintosh. “It’s just not great if you find neighborhoods that are junky and dirty.”

Last month’s cleanup finished with 10.2 tons of garbage which included 44 tires. Mcintosh expected the clean-up Saturday to be similar.

According to Mcintosh, cleanups are vital because in many cases people may leave their trash on their lawn which could lead to health hazards.


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