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The office of the clerk in Craighead County intends to carry out voter registration changes



Jonesboro, Arkansas – The office of the Craighead County Clerk has announced that it would be implementing a mail-out program as part of its efforts to maintain accurate voter registration lists.

According to Mary Dawn Marshall, the County Clerk of Craighead, some citizens will be sent a blue card in the mail if there has been no voter activity at the location where they are registered to vote during the most recent cycle of federal elections.

Residents will be required to fill out the card and send it back to the clerk’s office in order for their voter registration to be confirmed.

Residents will receive a yellow card in the mail if they do not respond to the first card they receive in the mail or if they have not had any voting action with their registration during either of the two most recent federal election cycles.

Those who have received a yellow card from the city clerk’s office have been removed from the active voter list, according to Marshall. In order to be reinstated, they will need to fill out the card and return it to the clerk’s office.

Please call the Craighead County Clerk’s office at (869) 933-4520 if you would need any additional information.

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