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The Supernatural State – Hidden Lonoke County Cemetery



Lonoke County, Ark. – Some of the founding families of Central Arkansas are buried in a historic cemetery tucked away in the Lonoke County woodlands. Trees have covered the graves, and the gate is rusted and chained tight. However, even though their subjects did not, the stories of those buried there continue to be told.

The Lonoke County Museum records the burial ground’s name, and its historians have examined it; however, the group of paranormal researchers who have been granted permission to explore the grounds have decided not to disclose its location out of respect for the privacy of relatives and neighbors.

However, some are still aware of what it can uncover.

Every month, Lonoke County Sheriff John Staley sends some deputies to clean up the cemetery and keep an eye on things. “It’s hidden,” he said. “It’s back off the end of the road, down a grass driveway to a tree-filled cemetery. It’s beautiful.”

The stories of the ghosts that reside there and are ready to be told may also be felt among the beauty.

One tale involves the Eagles, one of the more illustrious family buried.

According to the legend, three family died while attempting to recover a group of missing hogs. Only word of mouth has survived as to what actually transpired, and the trial’s records on the killings were more concerned with identifying the real owners of the hogs than with the details of how they died. In the cemetery’s oldest, pre-1800 section, their monument can be found next to those of other families.

But another unique factor of the cemetery is what lies along its border, a marker that reads “beyond this marker are buried about 90 slaves or descendants of slaves of African origin”. A field of nearly 100, unmarked and unnamed.

“They were individual graves,” Staley explained, “they’re just not marked. But they’re memorialized by that big marker.”

With K-II meters going off and balls that light up when moved flashing when no one was nearby, the group known as Sweet N’ Sour Paranormal experienced the most activity around the memorial. When a researcher asks if the ghosts want them to stay, audio recordings made at the location also seem to say “leave, leave.”

For the paranormal community, it’s sufficient evidence that someone or something is listening, but in the pitch-blackness of the natural world, how can one tell if it’s a ghost or just their wild imagination trying to connect the dots?

Whatever your beliefs, it is undeniable that the Supernatural State belongs in this remote graveyard in Lonoke County.

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