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Turtle activity is beginning to increase throughout Arkansas



Little Rock, Arkansas – It’s that time of year, according to representatives of the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission, when residents are likely to see more turtles.

According to Trey Reid of the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission, additional of these hard-shelled critters have already been observed by several people in the state.

“More people are seeing more turtles because they’re active right now and it’s just that time of year,” Reid said.

According to Reid, there are multiple explanations for the rise in turtle sightings.

“They’re reptiles and cold-blooded animals so when it warms up they become more active and also probably some breeding activity this year,” Reid said.

Reid claims that many people in the state may have previously spotted one in a yard, on a road, or particularly near shallow water.

“It wouldn’t be unusual to see a turtle just about anywhere,” Reid said.

According to Reid, there are at least 17 different species of turtles in Arkansas, but you might need to handle them similarly.

“My number one piece of advice with any wildlife is just leave them alone, my number two if you are compelled to move them make sure it’s safe to do so first off, and don’t move them far,” Reid said.

Reid advises against taking turtles as pets and against taking them far if people do stop to assist them.

“They’re just cool critters and they’re very long-lived animals,” Reid said.

Reid stated that box turtles are among the most common types of turtles seen in Arkansas; nonetheless, even though they may be adorable, he cautions against approaching any wild turtles.

Reid added that by October, Arkansans may start to notice fewer turtles.

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