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U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg will discuss airport security in Little Rock today



Little Rock, Arkansas – To discuss funds for airport safety, a member of the president’s cabinet will be in Little Rock today.

Pete Buttigieg, the secretary of transportation, announced a stop at Clinton National Airport as the start of a multi-state trip to promote safety advancements made possible by federal money.

Airports have been able to modify their taxiways thanks to recent improvements in safety, lowering the danger of runway incursions. These advancements will be highlighted during the secretary’s travel.

According to Buttigieg, the investments are improving air safety.

“America has the world’s safest and most complex aviation system because of our rigorous standards and the dedicated aviation workforce that ensures millions of people get to their destinations safely every day,” he said. “But we can never take our safety record for granted – as recent close calls have made clear.”

The visit follows a plane disaster at the airport on February 22 that claimed five lives.

The secretary continued by expressing his eagerness to hear from those implementing the new safety measures. He recently discussed expanding data sharing to increase flight safety at an FAA Safety Symposium.

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