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Volunteers gather to build downtown area



Leachville, Arkansas – In order to help not only clean up downtown but re-model one of the buildings, volunteers in the city of Leachville hosted a downtown clean-up day.

The old movie store has been a staple of the downtown area and was constructed in 1907.

Leachville Beatification is working on remodeling the building and hopefully bringing in a restaurant.

To get closer to the Highway 18 bypass, businesses are beginning to move south of Leachville. This is leaving the historic buildings in downtown Leachville vacant.

“It’s like everything is kind of shifting towards the south of the city which is where the four-lane highway is and the town is starting to move that way,” said Jerred Price, resident of Leachville.

There were around 20 volunteers from Leachville Beatification, and the cleanup lasted two hours.

“If we tap into businesses that make sense for a small town nowadays because we know people aren’t going to come by shoes and clothes and stuff like that use buy in the 30′s‚ 40′s, and 50′s,” said Price.

It might cost a little more money to renovate them, but it is well worth it, according to Price.


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