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911 call center in Little Rock short-staffed again, police department looking to hire workers



Little Rock, Arkansas – 911 call center in Little Rock is short-staffed and they are looking to hire new employees as soon as possible.

The current team is working overtime in order to fill the gap.

According to supervisor Debra Pitts, the work is not easy as all employees should work night shifts, weekends, holidays.

“People — they think they can handle the job,” she said. “It is a stressful job. That is one thing you have to be able to deal with.”

Debra is part of team for more than 10 years. She is happy being part of the 911 center. According to her, they are now looking for long-term employees to fill the free spots.

“Anybody should apply,” she said. “If you’re 18 years or older, have a high school diploma, you’re not a felon, please apply. If you care about the public, if you’re willing to help others. if that’s where your heart is at, if you have a passion for helping people, please apply.”

Everyone starts as a call-taker. After some time, workers become dispatchers. The starting salary for the entry position is $35,000.

Everyone is welcome to apply for the open positions. There is training academy and candidates will start working with non-emergency calls while they finish the training.

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