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A family searching for answers one year after their loved one was gunned down



Little Rock, Arkansas – A family calls out for information after their loved one was assassinated in the capital city about a year ago.

“It was like a dream,” said wife of Gary Thomas, Pamela Thomas.

“It wasn’t real,” said sister of Gary Thomas, Terrie Henderson.

A phone call no mother ever wants to receive…

“Gary’s gone I couldn’t cry, I couldn’t do nothing,” said mother of Gary Thomas, Dorris Thomas.

Gary Thomas, the 63-year-old son of Mrs. Thomas, was shot and killed in December 2021 just a few blocks from their childhood home.

Vonda Thomas, Gary’s sister, claims that he was shot and killed while taking a familiar acquaintance to work.

“When he mad ethe left on 11th street according to an eye witness, two guys stood where there is a brown house and they shot and they ambushed him, he never stood a chance,” said Vonda Thomas.

Gary smashed into the home after being shot, and the crash site is still visible almost a year later.

“It’s been a very trying year for all of us and my son and his grandkids, for everybody,” said Pamela Thomas.

The question of who murdered their loved one remains unanswered.

“I don’t even know what I felt today, but this last week has been really hard,” said Dorris Thomas.

Living in Atlanta, Vonda Thomas visits Little Rock to conduct her own investigation.

She started doing this when the police did not respond.

Given that their phone calls go unanswered, Gary’s sister claims she doesn’t think the cops are doing enough.

“We already know they aren’t going to tell us anything, what they are going to say is this is an on-going investigation, and we understand that, but at least give us the curtesy of allowing us to know that you hear us,” said sister of Gary Thomas, Terrie Henderson.

I have faith that the perpetrators will one day be brought to justice by the police.

“Interview one homicide at a time, solve one crime at a time and maybe we can eliminate the crime all together,” said Vonda Thomas.

The family is hoping that since the investigation is still ongoing, authorities won’t allow this to become a “cold case.”

When we contacted the LRPD, they informed us that they are still seeking information from the general public.

Please call LRPD at 501-371-4636 if you have any information.

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