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A new law in Conway strikes a compromise between industrial crypto mining and quiet living



Conway, Arkansas – On Tuesday, a new state law that would loosen limits on industrial crypto mining will go into force.

Charles Finkenbinder, the city attorney for Conway, stated that the new statute does place some severe limitations on the ability of governments to develop or implement ordinances on this subject.

The city sought a method of grandfathering in.

The adopted ordinance mandates the installation of noise-reduction equipment in data centers and cryptocurrency mines.

A crypto mine, according to the municipal attorney, can continuously generate noise levels comparable to a nightclub next to a residence.

Hopefully, the measures will strike a balance between tranquil life and a chance for expanding businesses.

“The people who live here that your ability to peacefully enjoy your home, your family are important, very important,” said Finkenbinder. “We’re not going to let anything threaten that and to data centers and mining operations, we welcome you to Conway. You just have to act responsibly just like everyone else.”

The emergency clause in the new ordinance will make it effective right now.

Six members of the council voted in favor of this ordinance during a meeting, although two were not present.

Finkenbinder claims that there aren’t any crypto miners in Conway right now.

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