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After months of wastewater overflow in Higgins, organization is trying to locate the sewage business



Higgins, Arkansas – An individual and his family are seeking solutions to the sewer problems in Higgins, Arkansas.

James Elliott needed assistance to mend a sewer line that had broken close to his house. The leak is a few blocks from his home, but it caused wastewater to run on his street as well as others around.

Elliott claimed that the water was not only clear but also reeked. Even children have been playing in it close to his house, he continued.

“I don’t know what the problem is,” Elliott said. “I know I don’t want to stay here no longer like this.”

Elliott claimed that he had been attempting to get officials to come out and remedy the issue for about a year. However, it seems that the issue was not knowing who to call.

After several days of research, Red Oak Sewage Improvement District was located as the organization in control of wastewater in Higgins. The organization is in charge of the sewerage in Higgins and Sweet Home.

According to a Red Oak spokeswoman, this is the first time their staff has even heard of the problem. She said that the problem would be resolved as soon as possible by a crew, who could easily handle it.

The problem is worse in Higgins because flooding is worse there, according to a different Red Oak operator. Within a few days, the operator stated, crews would arrive to make the necessary repairs.


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