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Arkansas Attorney General is considering reversing the restraining order on the LEARNS Act.



Little Rock, Arkansas – Tim Griffin, the Attorney General of Arkansas, submitted a motion on Tuesday urging the state Supreme Court to uphold the LEARNS Act and enable it to remain in effect.

The law is currently subject to a temporary restraining order that was issued by a court in Pulaski County last week.

The manner in which the LEARNS Act was passed through the legislature is being called into question by the interim restraining order. It is being argued that parliamentarians did not hold a separate vote on the emergency clause, which would have caused it to go into effect as soon as it was enacted.

According to the injunction, school districts were prohibited from taking any action based on the LEARNS Act until the first week of August, when it will officially become law.

Griffin stated in his request that the current judgment by the judge might potentially lead to anarchy and cause damage that cannot be repaired.

“There’s no reason to put the state’s educational system and the plans for the schools around the state on hold,” Griffin said.

The attorney who initiated the legal action, Ali Noland, delivered a statement on Tuesday in which he asserts that the Arkansas legislature has breached the state’s constitutional provisions.

“When passing the LEARNS Act and several other bills this session, the legislature blatantly violated the requirements of the Arkansas Constitution,” Noland said.

This week, according to Noland, they will be filing a response to the motion that was submitted by the attorney general.

In response to the judge’s directive, Governor Sarah Sanders issued a statement challenging the legal standing of the pending lawsuit.

“This is an absurd lawsuit with zero merit and we will file an appeal immediately,” Sanders said. “We are focused on making sure that every kid in Arkansas has access to a quality education, teachers have the pay raises they deserve, and parents are empowered.”


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