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Black-owned businesses soar in Conway amid outrage over racial injustice



Conway, Arkansas – The combination of the pandemic and outrage over racial injustice has the city of Conway working to grow together as one.

“We’ve been operating. This is week five now,” said Artie Lovelace, owner of Spud Love food truck in Conway.

Lovelace is just one of at least six new minority-owned businesses in Conway that have opened its doors during our country’s most recent fight for racial equality.

“I never thought I would be doing what I’m doing of all honesty,” said Lovelace.

His love for the community and food, specifically loaded potatoes, collided during this time of division, with hopes his business sparks unity.

“When you have so much going on in the world, people can enjoy good food. It doesn’t matter who it comes from or where it comes from,” said Lovelace.

At just 14 years old, Conway’s Aidan Eslinger is doing the same. He has his own production business, writing and directing stage plays named “Aidan Eslinger Productions.”

He’s using his platform to reach the younger generation to fight for diversity.

“You know just not be afraid to be the only African American actor in a show or not to be afraid to be the only African American business owner. I go and put myself in those situations to make those settings more diverse,” said Eslinger.

Business owners young and old said they are proud of their city for moving forward, but both agree the fight for racial equality can’t stop now and the momentum must go on.

“We have to keep going, keep making sure our voices are heard,” said Eslinger.

The other new minority-owned businesses in Conway range from food trucks, restaurants, and an on-demand local delivery service, which is named Capsule Delivery.

To support these businesses, each have a Facebook account with their listed hours and services.

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