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Conway Regional opens medical clinic at Hendrix College for students, public



Conway, Arkansas – The Conway Regional Health System opened a family medical clinic with extended hours on the Hendrix College campus. It’s available to meet the primary care needs of Conway residents, as well as the Hendrix College faculty, staff and students.

The clinic, located at 1700 Altus Street in Conway, represents another piece of an ongoing partnership between Conway Regional, Hendrix College, the University of Central Arkansas and Central Baptist University. Conway Regional is also providing COVID-19 testing and contact tracing for the three schools.

Matt Troup is the President and CEO of Conway Regional. He said the Hendrix College clinic will be integrated with the entire health system.

“When you come here, we’ll be able to pull up your records from the hospital, the emergency room, transfer care will be very, very easy if you should need a higher level of care,” Troup said.

Patients will be able to access all of the care they’d typically receive at any other primary care clinic. While the clinic will be open to the public, Troup said this is especially important for students.

“So many of them don’t have an existing relationship, primary care relationship here in town, and the fact the matter is, is that very often they don’t get one, and so I hope that this can help build continuity of care for those students,” Troup said, “Throughout their four years here as students, they have consistency in the care they receive the follow-up care, the vaccinations and all the other things that they need right here.”

For the community as a whole, Troup said it’s another convenient option to receive the health care they need when they need it.

Conway Regional has been working with Hendrix College, Central Baptist College and the University of Arkansas, as well as the public schools in Conway for several weeks to coordinate coronavirus efforts, according to Troup. So far, Conway Regional has tested more than 15,000 people.

“That’s a great resource and partnering with them allows us to make sure that it’s timely, efficient and cost-effective,” Troup said.

Ellis Arnold, president of Hendrix College, said the partnership is a game-changer.

“We’re thrilled to have Conway regional on campus and in our village, it makes such a huge difference for not just our students, and our faculty and staff to have something this convenient, and this close with such great care, but also for the greater community as well,” Arnold said.

Arnold went on to say that the clinic will allow the college to provide a greater level of a wide range of services in a timely fashion. He said this is especially important amid the coronavirus pandemic when people are coming to Hendrix from all over the country.

“To know that they have this kind of healthcare facility right on our campus is a great assurance and comfort for them,” Arnold said, “I think there’s a lot of uncertainty right now, and there’s a lot of anxiety and people not knowing which way to turn when they have questions, and so to have this kind of resource here on our campus is an enormous benefit for our campus community and our Conway community as a whole.”

The clinic is officially open for business, and appointments can be booked by phone at 501-852-1366, or on their website.

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