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EasyBins coming to Central Arkansas



CONWAY, Ark.- A relatively new Northwest Arkansas company is making its way to Central Arkansas to make life easier during COVID-19.

EasyBins is a grocery shopping service that only makes you pay for the groceries. Shopping and delivery are free.

They use reusable bins and drop it on your porch.

The company’s owner says now more than ever, they want to do what they can help the vulnerable population.

“The customer doesn’t have to schedule a time,” says James Farmer, owner of EasyBins. “They don’t have to be at the door. They just wake up. There is a bin sitting there. It could be a bin they ordered as late as 10 p.m. the night before and it could have lots of items or just a few items in it. Whatever makes it easy for them.”

All temperature-controlled bins are dropped off early in the morning.

The shoppers go to multiple stores, allowing you to choose what products you want and from where.

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