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Faulkner County water company partners with UCA to improve water quality



FAULKNER COUNTY, Ark. — A Faulkner County water company is leaning on a local college to help improve the quality of their product.

If you live in the Conway area, the taste and smell of the water could be changing, but in a good way.

So far this year Conway Corp has already made some minor environmental changes in and around Brewer Lake to improve the water being distributed throughout the city.

In years past cutomers have complained about the odor and taste of the water coming from the lake so the company partnered with UCA to change that.

The biology department from the college will be testing water for the natural constituents in water that impact taste and odor and working to make safe adjustments for improvement.

“You see those things taking place long before we begin to have taste and odor issues we can begin to do things to midigate those taste and odor issues so UCA is helping us with that,” said Bret Carroll the CEO of Conway Corp.

Conway Corp tells us that this testing will help them have an early understanding of the natural algae activity in the lake and allow appropriate treatment changes to minimize the impact of taste and odor in the water.

The contract with UCA will last five years.

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