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Governor Hutchinson names a new Colonel of the Arkansas State Police



Little Rock, Arkansas – Lieutenant Colonel Forrest Marks was named the next Colonel of the Arkansas State Police on Thursday by Governor Asa Hutchinson.

Colonel Bill Bryant, who will retire on December 31, will be replaced by Marks.

Since joining the Arkansas State Police in 1994 as a Trooper, Marks has worked for the agency.

Hutchinson said that Lt. Col. Marks held the positions of post sergeant, assistant troop commander for the Highway Patrol, troop commander, and division commander throughout his tenure at ASP.

Marks is now the Field Operations Acting Lieutenant Colonel.

“I’m grateful for Lt. Col. Marks’s nearly 30 years in law enforcement and his dedication to the Arkansas State Police,” Hutchinson said. “I appreciate his willingness to serve as Colonel, and I am confident he will lead our State Police with integrity and honesty.”

Marks worked as a patrolman for the Hot Springs Police Department and as a military police officer for the US Army until he joined the Arkansas State Police in 1995.

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