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Hog fans reflect on season, look to upcoming sports for hope



Little Rock, Arkansas – From near misses to complete failures. This year’s hog season fell short of our expectations.

However, supporters are still yelling “woo pig sooie” at Donald W. Reynolds Stadium even after the lights have gone out.

With baseball season approaching and basketball season already underway, fans are now anticipating more sports.

Russell Draper and other supporters are hoping for a better season than what football delivered them.

“First of all, thank God it’s over because I was disappointed,” Draper said.

Supporters frequently bring up the subject of the Hogs’ 4–8 football season.

“I used to listen to the hogs when I was young enough to understand what it was– out getting firewood with my dad,” Draper said.

For ardent hog lovers, however, the record is irrelevant. All of them are devoted to the Razorbacks.

Cody Bird is prepared to support the next Razorback sport.

“They’ve been doing great in basketball, so that’s always hopeful to watch that,” Bird said.

Bird compares being a fan of the Hogs to riding a roller coaster. It is full of unexpected turns, such as defeating the Florida Gators in the swamp for the first time ever after losing six straight games.

“Gotta hold on for the ride, and pray for the highs,” Bird said.

It’s fantastic, according to Bird, to have new sports to look forward to following the highs and lows of football season.

“I think it’s definitely a moral booster, not only for the fans, but for the school and the athletics program in general,” Bird said.

Draper is optimistic about the 2024 football season.

“I’m optimistic we can get back on track,” Draper said.


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