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Keeps my head clean’ Little Rock summer job program helps youngsters avoid violence



Little Rock, Arkansas – Little Rock municipal officials stated that in addition to offering future prospects, their summer programs aim to keep young people away from violence.

The city’s Summer Youth Employment program got underway this week, and based on the statement made by one of the young employees—who described the program as his lifesaver—it appears to be effective.

Jordan Jackson claimed that the Billy Mitchell Boys and Girls Club gave him hope during the summer.

“It gives us something to do, it keeps us occupied, it keeps us from being outside all the time and being in the streets,” the 18-year-old Jackson said. “From personal experience and experience of my friends and close family members, I have seen they were able to stay out of trouble a lot more.”

City officials stated that while preventing summertime violence is one of the program’s main objectives, another is to provide youngsters with an opportunity to assist others in the future.

Through the Summer Youth Employment program, students work at a variety of jobs. Placed in the Little Rock Zoo, Caleb Flores claimed it’s beneficial to him.

“I feel like this zoo was the best option because I kind of like animals,” Flores said. “It keeps me out of the streets, it keeps me occupied, keeps my head clean and I want to stay out of trouble.”

Another person put at the Zoo, Kaitlyn Mosby, stated that it aids her in achieving her future objectives.

“I chose to do it because I want more of a bigger experience dealing with children because I am going into early childhood education,” Mosby said.

After being hired by The Arkansas Repertory Theater, Chandler Carter claims that this is a dream that will help him achieve other ambitions.

“I have been doing theater basically my whole life. It gives children like me a lot of opportunities to explore the world of the work sites to build on your resume,” Carter explained.

According to Jackson, these kinds of chances and possibilities support both his future college plans and means of subsistence.

“It’s a good way to be productive, meet new people and keep us from going out there and losing our lives over stupid things,” he said.

According to city officials, the companies that are opening their doors to students are the only ones that make the program possible. In order to assist young people even more, they hope to get more involved.



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