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The intention of the Highway 5 widening proposal is to enhance Bryant’s traffic flow on Interstate 30



Bryant, Arkansas – A plan to enlarge a portion of Highway 5 near Bryant was recently submitted by the Federal Highway Administration and the Arkansas Department of Transportation.

In order to facilitate traffic on Interstate 30, the project would widen a 3.2-mile section of Highway 5 in Bryant from Reynolds Road to Alexander Road to four lanes. Tuesday afternoon was set aside for the project’s public discussion session.

Among other improvements, ARDOT officials stated that the project entails the installation of a sidewalk, a side walkway, and an upgraded traffic signal on Bryant Parkway.

Nova Williams, who resides on Highway 5, claims that her home will be impacted by the proposed construction.

“We built that house 56 years ago and I’ve been there all this time,” Williams noted.

She also mentioned that the construction will back up to her front door.

“We’re wanting to know if they’re going to want my house or not or just part of my yard,” Willaims said.

Five homes, four residential tenants, seven businesses, ten landlord firms, and sixty-five personal items could all be displaced, according to an environmental evaluation.

ARDOT’s Ellen Coulter stated that they are addressing each situation individually in their quest for a solution.

“ARDOT’s environmental division that puts on these public meetings they have a special section that handles all of that relocation when it’s needed for homes and businesses and we work out a deal and help them out,” Coulter said.

The suggested approach has so far been modified in response to public feedback. For instance, a traffic light on Midland Road is now included in this revised version of the proposal, as requested by some.

“It’s a really important project, A, just because this road is really due for a widening, and B, because it’s a really important alternate route to I-30 when I-30 is backed up,” Coulter said.

There won’t be a relocation required for Lisa Floyd’s business on the highway, but there will be modifications.

“The business will stay and I own a house next door, and the sewer will be impacted a little so we’ve got to figure out what we’re doing to do,” Floyd said.

She meets with representatives as well to go over her alternatives. She stated that she has lived in Bryant her entire life and has seen its changes, so she can see why ARDOT believes it is necessary.

“Bryant has just outgrown all the traffic, you know we’ve got to have it to make it more manageable because right now you can’t get through if there is a wreck,” Floyd said.

According to ARDOT officials, work is expected to begin in the middle of 2026 and take roughly 2.5 years.

The planned highway work won’t overlap with the I-30 development that is already underway, according to officials.




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