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List of Arkansas schools enrolled in a 4-day week



Arkansas – The number of American schools choosing to switch to 4-day school weeks is steadily increasing, and Arkansas institutions are no exception.

How does a 4-day workweek affect students, given that over 100 schools in the state were either engaged in or planning to enroll in one as of April 2024, according to the Arkansas Department of Education (ADE) Data Center?

According to research professor Sarah McKenzie of the University of Arizona, their study revealed that there was no discernible detrimental effect of the compressed timetable on students’ attendance, academic progress, or growth.

To help meet the growing need for CPR-certified babysitters, the Huntsville School District, which implemented the new schedule beginning in 2024, will provide childcare certification courses.

In autumn 2023, the Washington-based Lincoln School District made a change, opting to abandon Monday lessons in favor of an additional hour or so Tuesday through Friday. Principal of Lincoln High School Stan Karber stated he noticed a change almost immediately.

“We have learned to take advantage of every opportunity and not waste any time to optimize our educational experience and turn it up a notch,” said Karber. “We’re earning that extra day off.”
After an adjustment period, Karber said he saw the highest attendance —and the lowest amount of behavioral problems— in his four years as principal.

However, even though children may find an extra day off joyful, working parents may find it quite tiring, as reported by an Associated Press (AP) story. According to reports, Brandi Pruente, a five-day-a-week French language instructor in Kansas City, finds it difficult to come up with activities that “keep her kids entertained and off electronics.”

While polls indicate that parents generally accept the timetable shift, parents of younger children are less likely to do so, according to the Associated Press.

Arkansas Schools With a 4-Day Week (Organized by County):

• Baxter
o Norfork Elementary School

• Boone
o Alpena Elementary School
o Alpena High School

• Carroll
o Green Forest Intermediate School
o Green Forest High School

• Chicot
o Arkansas Consolidated High School – Dermott

• Clark
o Centerpoint Elementary School
o Centerpoint High School
o Centerpoint Academy of Agriculture and Skilled Trades

• Craighead
o Buffalo Island Central High School

• Faulkner
o Guy-Perkins Elementary School
o Guy-Perkins High School
o Mayflower Elementary School
o Mayflower Middle School
o Mayflower High School

• Fulton
o Viola Elementary School
o Viola High School

• Garland
o Cutter-Morning Star Elementary School
o Cutter-Morning Star High School
o Mountain Pine Elementary School
o Mountain Pine High School

• Grant
o Poyen Elementary School
o Poyen High School

• Hempstead
o Randy Hughes Elementary School
o Blevins High School

• Hot Spring
o Bismarck Elementary School
o Bismarck Middle School
o Bismarck High School
o Ouachita Elementary School
o Ouachita High School

• Howard
o Joann Walters Elementary School
o Dierks High School
o Mineral Springs Elementary School
o Mineral Springs High School

• Johnson
o Johnson County Westside School District

• Lonoke
o England Elementary School
o England High School

• Madison
o St. Paul Elementary School
o St. Paul High School
o Watson Primary School
o Huntsville Middle School
o Huntsville Intermediate School
o Huntsville High School

• Marion
o Bruno-Pyatt Elementary

• Mississippi
o Armorel Elementary School
o Armorel High School
o Buffalo Island Central Elementary
o Rivercrest Elementary School
o Rivercrest Junior High Prep Academy
o Academies at Rivercrest High School

• Montgomery
o Caddo Hills Elementary School
o Caddo Hills Academy

• Nevada
o Nevada Elementary School
o Nevada High School

• Newton
o Deer K-12 School
o Mt. Judea K-12 School
o Western Grove Elementary
o Ozark Mountain High School

• Perry
o Anne Watson Elementary School
o Bigelow High School
o Perryville Elementary School
o Perryville High School

• Pike
o Kirby Elementary School
o Kirby High School

• Poinsett
o Trumann Elementary School
o Trumann Middle School
o Trumann High School
o Arkansas Consolidated High School Dermott

• Polk
o Cossatot River Elementary School
o Cossatot River Middle School
o Cossatot River High School

• Pope
o Atkins Elementary School
o Atkins Middle School
o Atkins High School
o Hector Elementary School
o Hector High School

• Pulaski
o Graduate Arkansas Charter High School
o The Excel Center Little Rock (adult high school)
o Arkansas Consolidated High School Alexander

• Searcy
o St. Joe Elementary

• Sebastian
o Arkansas Consolidated High School Mansfield

• St. Francis
o Palestine-Wheatley Elementary School
o Palestine-Wheatley Senior High School

• Washington
o The Excel Center Springdale (adult high school)
o Lincoln Elementary School
o Lincoln Middle School
o Lincoln High School

• Yell
o Western Yell County Elementary School
o Western Yell County High School


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