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An Arkansas native uses children’s literature to embrace uniqueness and encourage dreams



Little Rock, Arkansas – A native of Arkansas collaborated with the Brandon House Cultural Arts Center to use a new children’s book to motivate his neighborhood.

Christian Washington is a motivational speaker, radio host, and author who wants to share the idea that everyone can achieve their goals, regardless of their background or appearance.

“You can. You can achieve every goal that you want,’ Washington said.

The release of “Rocky’s Quest to Create the Culture” drew people from all around to discover the book’s main points.

“It’s my story of when I dreamed of being a radio personality and entertainer and the things that I did at my house. When I was dreaming about being that guy. And then my journey about making it to the big leagues I would say. And this is a way of relaying that in a cool way kids,” Washington said.

Along with the book launch, the event expanded outreach by providing free school supplies, free haircuts from Goodfella’s Barber College, free food from Amiracle’s Soul Kitchen, and more.
During a Q&A session, Washington continued to discuss the highs and lows of his journey emotionally. He also discussed how to overcome obstacles and achieve success.

“Dreaming first. Which is the first thing you’re going to learn during Rocky’s Quest. It was dreaming. And then practice. Continuous practice. Reps. Reps. Then more reps. And more reps. Then when you get the call to get your opportunity, you’ve got to answer it. Then after that call. Stand on business is what we like to tell the kids,’ Washington said.

Washington explained the rationale behind choosing an unlikely racoon to serve as the protagonist of his book—an attempt to serve as an inspiration for young people everywhere, but particularly for minorities.

“When you think of a racoon you don’t think of a radio personality for one but two you don’t even think of a racoon as a pet or a friendly animal and it’s not as inviting so I wanted to take something that we may look at in a negative light and put it in a positive light to tell that message that no matter what your upbringing is, that no matter what you look like you can achieve whatever goal you want to,” Washington said.

Washington concluded by offering advice to those who are prepared to follow their passions.

“It’s never too late and it’s never too early,” Washington said.

Washington intends to launch a mentorship program in the future, offering young people one-on-one assistance on their road to achievement.



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