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Little Rock woman sets up ‘My Little Art Gallery’ for the community



Little Rock, Arkansas – You may be familiar with the Little Free Libraries and Pantries in Central Arkansas, which allow individuals to freely give or receive food and books without any questions asked.

In Little Rock’s SoMa District, a woman decided to create a box named “My Little Art Gallery” expressly for art enthusiasts.

Delaney Saer, the gallery’s founder, stated that the gallery’s mission is to “leave art, take art, and create art.”

According to Saer, it’s a means for locals to give back and an opportunity to showcase their artistic abilities, with the goal that it may encourage others to pursue painting.

“I just thought it would be a really good way to spread some positivity and inspire people to make art no matter what it looks like,” said Saer.

Her plan is for individuals to provide various crafts, such as painted canvases, clay figurines, sketches, and art supplies, and then choose whatever they desire out of the box.

To place your artwork in the box, you do not need to be a professional artist.

“Anyone can come and leave art, or just pop in and see what is in there. It is really for everybody,” said Saer. “Right now we have some little clay figurines: a little caterpillar, and even some abstract art as well.”

Next to the Pettaway Community Garden is where you may find the box.

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