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Lottery jackpot generates over $1 million in prizes for Arkansas players



Little Rock, Arkansas – Players in Arkansas have won over $1 million playing the state’s newest lottery game.

According to a press release, the lottery is only played and won in Arkansas, with a $250,000 beginning payout.

Every Wednesday and Saturday at 9 p.m., Little Rock has drawings; each play costs $2.

“We are excited to offer this game to the people of Arkansas,” said Eric Hagler, Arkansas Scholarship Lottery executive director. “LOTTO has the potential to create millionaires each year and will increase funding for scholarships since more money from draw game sales go to proceeds for the lottery’s beneficiary.”

Players choose six numbers from 1 to 40, with six main numbers and one bonus number picked, according to a news release.

The jackpot is won if the player matches the first six numbers in any combination. Any non-jackpot rewards that players win by matching the bonus number will rise.

Since the game’s start in September 2022, 150,836 Arkansas players have taken home lower-level prizes, but nobody has ever won the jackpot reward.

Four players, who each won $25,000, correctly predicted the first five numbers drawn plus the bonus number. The other 138 winners, who correctly predicted the first five numbers, each won $1,500.

The LOTTO jackpot is currently at $1.889 million and will keep rising with each drawing until it is won.

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