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LRSD prepares to offer $50 Covid-19 vaccine incentive to students



Little Rock, Arkansas – LRSD students will soon have the option to receive $50 in exchange for full vaccination against Covid-19.

“Let’s do everything we can,” said superintendent Michael Poore. “If this helps and gets some others vaccinated, then that’s going to be a benefit to all.”

Although the district says they don’t keep track of exact numbers, it’s noted that student vaccination rates remain low.

According to Poore, this can also be used as a safe way to find out where they stand. “We want to make sure we protect people’s information so this will be treated just like we would with flu vaccines or anything else,” he said. “We are kind of knowledgable on how to do it.”

The $50 will go a parent or guardian of the student, and previous vaccination is also accepted.

The cost to the district will be, “Anywhere from maybe $300,000 to $500,000,” said Poore. “That’s a ballpark guess based on just saying, hey, if we can get 50 percent of our population to get vaccinated, which would be awesome, this is what that would cost.”

Poore says the incentive will be available for just over two months and hopes participation will be high.

“It does all the things that sometimes cause us to be divisive. We don’t want to wear masks or we don’t want to social distance. Let’s get vaccinated. Let’s take care of business,” he said enthusiastically.