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Man admitted to spiking wife’s drink with meth



Sharp County, Arkansas – After confessing to investigators to adding methamphetamine to his wife’s drink, a man is now facing a felony narcotics charge.

Caleb Lee Hale, 34, of Williford was detained by Sharp County sheriff’s deputies on one count of introducing a controlled substance into another person’s body, a Class Y felony.

In accordance with court records, a judge required Hale and his wife to take drug tests at a hearing for the Department of Human Services on September 7.

The couple reportedly told the judge they would test positive for marijuana, while Hale “said he might test positive for methamphetamine.”

When his wife tested positive for meth, investigators said she was “adamant she had not used the substance.”

The affidavit stated Hale told a Family Services worker “he put the methamphetamine in his wife’s drink without her knowledge for sex.”

During a Mirandized interview at the sheriff’s office, investigators said Hale admitted to “putting a chunk of methamphetamine in his wife’s drink over the Labor Day holiday weekend” without her knowledge.

After reviewing the case, a judge found probable cause on Sept. 8 to arrest him and set his bond at $7,500, and ordered him to have no contact with his wife.

Hale violated the terms of his $7,500 bond by testing positive for marijuana, according to online court records

A judge ordered Hale’s bond be revoked, and he be held without bond on Sept. 22.


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