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New Covid-19 variant might drastically increase the number of cases and deaths in Arkansas



Conway, Arkansas – New Covid-19 might drastically increase the number of new positive cases and deaths in Arkansas the head of UAMS Health warns.

According to the latest data, there were a total of 75 Covid-19 patient in the ICU on Tuesday. This is more than double compared to last month.

Dr. Cam Patterson, a Chancellor of UAMS, in a series of tweets on Wednesday said this could be because of a new Covid-19 variant hitting the state. He added that this variant is by far more contagious and come with more consequences especially in the younger generation, 20-year-olds.

“Now we are seeing people of child-bearing age, who are sick enough not only to require treatment in an intensive care unit but to be put on heart lung bypass,” said Dr. Patterson.

Patterson once again urged people that the best way to protect ourselves is to get vaccinated. We already reported the Arkansas is one of the states with lowest vaccination rates and Patterson said he is not happy with it. Currently, only around 40% of the eligible people in Arkansas are vaccinated.

“That’s simply not enough of a high enough percentage to have a meaningful impact,” Dr. Patterson said.

If Arkansas doesn’t increase the vaccination numbers, another Covid-19 surge is likely scenario in the upcoming weeks or months.

Officials are also urging people once again to consult a doctor if they have any concerns regarding the vaccines.

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