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Single-digit numbers of passengers are past, Clinton National Airport prepares for Memorial Day Weekend



Little Rock, Arkansas – Rough financial period is behind as Clinton National Airport sees increasing number of passenger and many more to come and go during the Memorial Day Weekend.

There have been many days with single-digit numbers of passengers since the Covid-19 pandemic started last year. But things are much better now as people are thinking of traveling once again.

“I think it’s nerve-wracking but necessary, you know, imagining life post-COVID and getting back on adventures,” one passenger said.

She was really excited getting on place again while taking her flight to Phoenix.

“I’m fully vaccinated so I feel a lot safer, but I’m still you know, making sure I have my PPE together, hand sanitizer, and all of that,” Sanders said.

Back in November, Clinton National was seeing an average of 60-70 people per flight, about 1,400 passengers departing per day.

Things are getting definitely better now. The summer season is in front of us and even more people daily are expected. According to airport reports, they are now around 72% compared to pre-pandemic period.

“It’s certainly good to see passengers coming back, it is a personal choice, we hope that as people come back they continue to be safe,” airport spokesperson Shane Carter said. “As we’ve seen vaccination rates increase we’ve seen the amount of passengers increase with that.”

Despite the loosened restrictions, the airport still requires masks and social distancing.

Carter reminds everyone to arrive at the airport at least one hour before the flight especially in the morning which is the busiest period of the day.

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