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Sinking car in Chicot County almost fatal for a mother and two children



Chicot County, Arkansas – The heavy rain in Southeast Arkansas caused many problems for the local community in the past period. From flooding to damages, they are just at the beginning of their long-way recovery.

Thanks to the kindness of the strangers, one Chicot County and her two children were rescued after being stranded in the water as a result of the heavy rains.

“I literally saw my life flash before my eyes. I thought it was over,” Sharonda Starks said.

She slid with her can into a ditch on Saturday and she and her kids were trapped in water immediately on highway 35 near Dermott. She said she was hanging on to the side of her car.

“When I’m down there, the only thing I’m saying is my boys, my boys, God please… who is going to help me?” Starks said.

Luckily, another Arkansas family was at the right in the right time for them.

“Man we were just on our way to the beach and happened to see this vehicle hit the water,” Chad Sledge said.

The man and his father immediately got out of the car and rushed into the canal. They entered the water in an effort to pull out the passengers in the vehicle. Few minutes later, all of them were rescued and no one was injured.

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