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Teen faces shocking racial comments from co-worker at Andy’s in Conway



Conway, Arkansas – An Andy’s Frozen Custard white employee has been fired after they made racial comments about another 16-year-old Black employee in Conway.

Just one month into her high school dream job at Andy’s, Amira Moseley has already hung up her apron.

“Literally, that’s her favorite restaurant, that’s why she wanted the job so bad,” said her mother, Mercedes Binns.

Once the teen got settled into her job, last week she was faced with shocking racial comments.

Two of the comments were: “I don’t like Black people” and “Black people are rude.”

“There was even one comment in regards to my ethnicity,” said Moseley. “Someone said that my hair obviously isn’t real. How do you prepare yourself to respond to those kind of comments?”

The Andy’s Frozen Custard addressed the incident on its Facebook page stating in part: 

“We take these matters seriously. At the conclusion of our investigation, we found that the employee’s comments violated our Equal Employment Opportunity policy.”

The company also stated they did fire the employee who made the racial comments.

But before Amira shared her voice, others she worked with were terrified to speak up about the incident.

“One of the employees basically begged me not to say anything,” said Moseley.

Just after the incident, Moseley and her mother led a peaceful Black Lives Matter protest outside of Andy’s, joined with those same co-workers who were once scared to speak up.

“They are supportive of what’s going on because they know what’s happening,” said Binns. “Walked out in their uniform. Yep, protested in their uniform,” said Moseley.

The company said it’s using this opportunity to improve its workplace by implementing diversity training for all employees.

The frozen custard business has scheduled a session next week for management employees.

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