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Temu is being sued by Arkansas for ‘illegally accessing’ user personal data



Little Rock, Arkansas – Temu, an online retailer, is being sued by Arkansas for “deceiving” customers and “illegally accessing their personal information.”

Attorney General Tim Griffin made the news on Tuesday, stating that Arkansas is the first state to pursue legal action of this kind against the well-known online retailer.

He stated that the case would be brought from Cleburne County and that it would be directed against Temu’s holding firm.

ADTPA (Arkansas Deceptive Trade Practices Act) and PIPA (Personal Information Protection Act)-related “unjust enrichment” is the main focus of the complaint.

Griffin harshly criticized Temu during his news conference, calling the online marketplace a “data theft business” while introducing the case.

“You are opening not your consumer behavior, not your browsing behavior, you are opening your life to Temu through the data that they can and are accessing,” AG Griffin said about the lawsuit.

Temu is the object of another case brought by state officials against a number of prominent internet figures who they believe to be “deceptive” in their business dealings.

He referred to the announcement that Arkansas’s lawsuit against Meta could move forward earlier this month as a “victory for the citizens of Arkansas.”

Griffin filed a lawsuit against Meta last year, claiming that the business had broken the Arkansas Deceptive Trade Practices Act. This led to the decision. Meta, according to him, “misled the public about the platform’s safety and addictiveness.”



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