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The Arkansas Department of Health issues boil order for a Randolph County town



Maynard, Arkansas -A boil order has been implemented for the city of Maynard.

On Sept. 19., The Arkansas Department of Health issued a “boil water” notice Monday.

The boil order would be in effect until at least 1 set of 3 bacteriological samples show that the water is free of bacterial contamination and an adequate disinfectant level is established throughout the water system.

The order was issued as a precautionary measure because of the possibility that contaminated water may have entered the distribution system due to a loss in normal system pressure and the main break, according to the ADH news release.

Those that live in the area are urged to boil water used for drinking or food preparation for one minute before using to use.

Any Ice should be town out and remade with boiled water.

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