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The completed Superbloom mural is the most recent piece of public artwork to be displayed in Little Rock



Little Rock, Arkansas – One of the most recent pieces of public art to be completed in Little Rock, the Superbloom mural, was finished on Sunday.

According to the Downtown Little Rock Partnership, the project is being referred to as a “progressive Pride crosswalk.”

During a block party that took place yesterday at the junction of 13th Street and Main Street, the painting was erected. The event was organized by the Downtown Little Rock Police Department, the City of Little Rock, and SoMa 501, Inc.

An artist by the name of Kait Culbertson conceived of the mural plan. The piece of artwork depicts a bouquet of flowers that blooms across the crossroads in a variety of colorful colors. Culbertson stated that the motivation behind her design decisions is to bring joy to the community as a whole.

“I chose flowers because I think that anyone can relate to a flower, its not political, its not anything,” Culbertson said. “I just want to spread happiness and that’s what I aim to do with these flowers. All of my work that I make is super bright colors, and they’re just some of my favorite colors, so I feel like its representative of me but also just something to make others happy.”

Volunteers from all across the nation’s capital came together to paint in shifts while listening to live music performed by artists such as Jett Jano, Shannon Boshears, Rockcity Jukebox, Butterfly from New Orleans, Stephan James, and Charlie Askew.

To accommodate the installation, the 1200 block of Main Street will continue to be off-limits to traffic until seven o’clock Saturday morning, June 1.

Today was supposed to be the day when painting would continue, but according to the officials, the high temperatures that occurred over the weekend allowed the paint to dry earlier than predicted, which resulted in the mural being finished.

Because it is a community-based project, the Pride crosswalk receives money from the people who live in the surrounding area.

The Asphalt Art funding program offered by Bloomberg Philanthropies was another factor that contributed to the success of the Superbloom initiative.

The cash for this cycle will be distributed to a total of 25 communities in the United States, Canada, and Mexico, including Little Rock. The project intends to accomplish the following:

• Improve safety for pedestrians and cyclists.
• Beautify the historic SOMA streetscape and encourage visitors to spend more time in the area.
• The anticipated output from this project is slower vehicular traffic, more pedestrians, more cyclists, and an overarching improvement in safety for everyone in the area.
• Bring more art to this burgeoning neighborhood and be the first street surface installation at a full intersection in the city.
• Promote collaboration and civic engagement in the community.


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