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Arkansas’s largest veterans group is led by Tony and Pearl Gordon



Little Rock, Arkansas – A historic election to lead the largest veterans group in the state was held within the American Legion Department in Arkansas by a husband and wife team.

In the history of the company, Tony and Pearl Gordon are only the third husband and wife team.
They characterize what they do as having a passion for serving.

“We enjoy doing that, and if anyone has a heart for serving, then this may be an organization for you,” says Pearl Gordon, President of the American Legion Auxiliary of Arkansas.

Pearl and Tony have received praise from several seasoned groups for their joint leadership of this organization.

“That’s what makes is special, to see people tell us how inspiring it is to see us doing this as a family,” says Tony Gordon, Commander of American Legion Department of Arkansas.

Pearl and Tony have been able to assist several veterans and their families in overcoming challenges by pooling their experiences.

Tony recalls assisting a soldier in receiving mental health treatment, and the man informed Tony that Tony had saved his life.

“I walked him over to the mental health clinic at the hospital and sat down and waited for him to receive treatment. And soon after that he received his compensation for service connection. That in turn, turned his life around. Now he’s a member of the American Legion.”

They claim that the community’s support of the community to improve things for the state of Arkansas is what makes the group unique.

“Our membership is our greatest asset. Without the members, we can not work the mission,” says Pearl.

The Gordons say they would like to encourage anyone who enjoys working with veterans, contributing, or working with the community for the betterment of the community to get in touch with the American Legion Auxiliary. They claim they have a servant’s heart.

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