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The police department in Conway is investigating the 3rd homicide of the year



Conway, Arkansas – A mother of three, only 30 years old, was found dead in her home by her ex-husband. The police department of Conway are investigating, as they say, a violent death.

The police officials confirm they received a call from a man claiming he stabbed his ex-wife to death in his home. The call was registered on December 26 around 2.30 pm. Keith Wofford was the man who reported the case, as well as the man who killed his ex-wife.

He was immediately arrested and now he is facing a first-degree murder charges. The public information officer with the Conway Police Department, LaTresha Woodruff, said that the body was found in the house and Keith left the house without incident.

The reason that lead to this incident is still unknown, but this rarely happens in the city of Conway. The meds confirmed that Keith’s ex-wife died because of the injuries.

“There are all kinds of domestic situations but, for a domestic situation to escalate this far, we haven’t experienced a whole lot here in recent memory,” Woodruff said.

The neighbors still couldn’t believe what happened and what really lead to this situations. They say that their neighbor Keith was really calm person and it is really weird that this happened.

Officials with the Conway Police Department say this case is an ongoing investigation.


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