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The employee awards from Conway Corp are finally announced



Conway, Arkansas – Technical Lead/Database Administrator Brian Eggert, Business Class Services Specialist Justin Moore and Plant Operator Kody Miller all of them working in Conway Corp were honored and awarded for their extra ordinary effort and performance during 2020.

Conway Corp is a modern company looking to provide the best possible service to their customers beyond their expectations. That’s why they recognize the effort and dedication of every employee. The prizes are only a confirmation for their exceptional work in the past year.

The Tower of Excellence Award goes to Brian Eggert. This award recognizes an employee who has made a significant impact on Conway Corp through outstanding dedication and exceptional job performance.

“A whole team is required for day-to-day tasks in our company. Although the effort of the team is required to get the things done, there is a leader needed to start the process, and that’s Brian.” a coworker said.

The Customer Service Award was awarded to Justin Moore. All of his co-workers confirmed that the award is well deserved. They especially mentioned how Moore put his effort starting with the Covid-19 pandemic. “Our business customers received the same service in the Covid-19 pandemic as they did before.” his colleagues said.

The Safety Leadership Award was awarded to Kody Miller. He was nominated by a co-worker who confirmed that safety is the primary mission for Kody.

Conway Corp CEO Bret Carroll said: “I want everyone to know that we are extremely proud of our team and we look forward to always recognize those who put extra effort to exceed customer expectations.”

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