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The winter weather put a brief pause on daily lives in Arkansas



Little Rock, Arkansas — As truckers slowed down during the icy conditions our supply chain did as well.

“We are a little short on the commodities like bread and milk,” said Ron Davis with Edward’s Food Giant.

The grocery store hasn’t had new shipments in a couple of days, so those essential winter weather foods are low on stock.

“Quite a few either late deliveries or no deliveries today for retailers in central Arkansas and eastern Arkansas,” said Steve Goode, executive director for Arkansas Grocers and Retail Management Association.

Making sure to stay safe, truckers traveling through the Natural State either slowed down or waited for the weather to pass.

“Some loads are less essential or less urgent than others, so certainly safety is the top priority for the drivers and the carriers,” said Arkansas Trucking Association President Shannon Newton.

While the roads have cleared up a lot, we could still see the impacts for a couple more days.

If you’re waiting for your packages to be delivered, or you don’t see the food you want in the store, be patient. The supply chain is expected to catch up by next week.