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UCA receives funding from Arkansas Opioid Recovery Partnership



Little Rock, Arkansas – Recently, the University of Central Arkansas received a settlement payment for opioid abuse of about $24,000.

The settlement funds will be used to pay for naloxone dosages and administration and student training.

If there is an emergency, Naloxone dosages can be distributed because to support from the Arkansas Opioid Recovery Partnership and the Nalox Hero Project.

“The Arkansas Opioid Recovery Partnership is happy to partner with the University of Central Arkansas with the deployment of life-saving naloxone,” said Arkansas Opioid Recovery Partnership Director Kirk Lane. “We would encourage everyone to download the free Narcansas app for more information and resources.”

After training on February 17, the funding was given to UCA.

“Empowering students, faculty, and staff with individual training and naloxone doses provides increased response time should a person overdose on opioids. Every second counts during an overdose” said Stephanie Rose, assistant professor in the UCA Department of Health Sciences and program director of the addiction studies program. “The enthusiasm and dedication of the university and community have been wonderful. It is obvious that a lot of people want to help. We could not be more excited to be able to offer this opportunity and help to save lives.”

The University of Central Arkansas is the first university in the state to take part in the Collegiate Naloxbox Bystander Rescue Program run by the Arkansas Collegiate Network.

The campaign distributes Naloxboxes in locations where immediate access to naloxone would be necessary to save a person from an overdose.

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