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United States Steel Corporation breaks ground on the most technologically advanced steel mill in North America



Osceola, Arkansas — On Tuesday, the U.S. Steel Corporation broke ground in Osceola, Arkansas starting a next generation, highly sustainable steel mill.

The $3 billion facility will be the largest private project in Arkansas history, and the “most advanced” in North America.

“This facility is engineered to bring together the most advanced technology, to create the steel mill of the future that delivers profitable sustainable solutions for our customers,” said U.S. Steel President & CEO David B. Burritt.

The new plant is expected to bring 900 jobs to the area and thousands of construction jobs.

According to Governor Asa Hutchinson, it will be a great opportunity for Arkansas.

“I am thrilled to watch the impact this project will have on the northeast Arkansas economy as well as the families of the workers to be employed by the mill,” he said.

The new facility will feature two electric arc furnaces which can produce 3 million tons per year of advanced steelmaking. The project is expected to be completed in 2024.