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Arkansas reports the highest daily hospitalizations since the beginning of the pandemic, hospitals are almost full



Conway, Arkansas – Arkansas reported the highest daily number of hospitalizations since the start of the pandemic on Monday, according to Arkansas Department of Health.

In the Monday’s Covid-19 report issued by the Arkansas Department of Health, the total number of hospitalizations reached 1,220 and this is the highest number of people hospitalized since January 19.

Since yesterday, 81 people were hospitalized and this is the highest daily number since the very start of the pandemic since last March.

A total of 250 people infected with the virus are in critical condition and are put on ventilators. That is 15 more compared to Sunday’s report.

The state of Arkansas has a total of 1,170 IC beds and only 37 of those are available as of Monday. The hospitals are under heavy pressure in the last few weeks.

Today, 844 people were reported positive on the virus, while 42 lost the battle.

Since the start of the pandemic, 389,280 people were tested positive, while 6,199 were reported dead.

The number of active cases in the state is currently 18,922.

The positivity rate in the 24-hour period was 18%.

Nearly all of the hospitalized people are unvaccinated and the governors once again urge Arkansans to get vaccinated.

This is what he said on Twitter:

Today’s increase in hospitalizations is the highest increase we have seen since the beginning of the pandemic. We continue to see nearly all hospitalizations among the unvaccinated. Do your part to help. Hospitals are full & the only remedy is for more Arkansans to be vaccinated.

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