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Blood units hit new critically low levels, potential issues for the upcoming holiday weekend



Conway, Arkansas – With last week increased hospital usage of blood units for almost 20% higher than expected, the Arkansas Blood Institute’s blood supply has reached critically low supplies of blood unites heading to the holiday weekend.

Since the start of the pandemic, the hospitals over the last year used by far more than expected blood units and the Arkansas Blood Institute’s didn’t manage to fully rebound when the number of positive Covid-19 cases dropped last two to three months.

Hospitals are now fearing of lack of blood units as they expect more car crashes, accidents and trauma-based injuries during the weekend. The timing of the holiday this year means two days of blood collection will be lost.

Donating blood only takes about an hour, but can save up to three people depending on their needs. Arkansas Blood Institute reminds the public that everyone can donate blood no matter if they have been vaccinated or not. Everyone who wants to donate blood is only required to feel well at the moment of donation.

If you are one of them, you can find locations to donate at or by calling 877-340-8777.

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